Omnitracs Weigh Station Bypass Provided by Drivewyze Preclear


Drivewyze Preclear Device

Features and Benefits

More bypass sites than any other program
Integrates into your Omnitracs devices – no transponders!
Works at scales and mobile sites
Automatic Real time audio and visual alerts
Improves safety and delivers loads faster
Improves driver recruitment and retention

Omnitracs Weigh Station Bypass provided by Drivewyze Preclear rewards drivers for their hard-earned safety scores by allowing them to bypass weigh stations and inspection sites and spend more time en-route. With the best drivers seeing bypass rates of up to 98% at Drivewyze-supported sites, Weigh Station Bypass helps fleets save time and money, and increase driver productivity and retention.

Save time and money with the largest and fastest growing weigh station bypass program in the U.S.

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How Does Weigh Station Bypass Work?

Drivewyze Preclear Demo

2 Mile Alert - At this point drivers will receive a visual and audio alert, reminding them to prepare for the upcoming weigh station or inspection site.

1 Mile Alert - The driver is again notified of the upcomming weigh station with a visual and audio alert. A driving instruction will follow, shortly.

Driving Instruction - Since hitting the 2 mile geofence, truck data has been shared with the weigh station and taking into account carrier safety score as well as some other factors, the driver will receive a bypass or pull-in instruction.

Receive Bypass - The driver receives a notification to bypass the weigh station, saving them and the carrier time and money.

Major Features:

Saves Time and Money

Reduces unproductive on-duty time for your drivers
ave money on fuel waste from frequent stops

Integrated into your Omnitracs devices

Drivewyze is available on MCP50, MCP110, MCP200, IVG and XRS devices
No transponders required!

Improve Safety

Weigh Station Bypass is hands-free and conforms to FMCSA and state distracted driving regulations
No lane changes, dangerous lineups on the highway or having to merge back into traffic.

Improve Driver Recruitment and Retention

65% of drivers said they are more likely to stay with a company if they provide company paid weigh station bypass service as a benefit
Drivers are 3x more likely to join a company that offers free weight station bypass compared to an opportunity that does not.

Avoid Weigh Station Hassles

Receive bypass clearance up to 98% of the time at Drivewyze supported sites, based on your carrier safety score

Get started with Omnitracs weight station bypass

If you are currently an Omnitracs customer, contact us or call us at 1-519-826-4888 for more information on how to easily get started.

If you are not yet an Omnitracs customer, visit the Omnitracs XRS page for more information on in cab technology and ELDs or call us at 1-519-826-4888.