Truck Permits

Maintaining a compliant trucking operation goes well beyond the initial set-up. We regularly consult with trucking companies whoo thought they were compliant only to find out months later that they overlooked a permit, forgot about a filing or missed a renewal date. The trucking industry is heavily regulated, and our compliance experts know exactly which permits you require, from corporate to vehicle.

Spend less time focusing on compliance and more time growing your business

TransReport is committed to ensuring your company and vehicles have rock solid compliance to reduce delays, avoid fines and lower your overall cost of compliance. We look to build relationships and provide the type of services that ensure you feel confident with your fleet’s regulatory compliance.

We keep your company current and vehicles up to date.

Corporate Permits
  • U.S. and Canadian operating authorities
  • Kentucky, New Mexico, New York & Oregon tax accounts
  • Unified Carrier Registration (UCR)
  • IFTA Licence application and renewal
  • USDOT Biennial Updates
Vehicle Permits
  • Kentucky, New Mexico, New York & Oregon weight distance tax permits
  • IRS Heavy Vehicle Use Tax returns
  • US Customs Transponders
  • IFTA Decals

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