Motor Carrier Compliance

Carrier Compliance

Are you finding the ongoing maintenance of your fleet’s regulatory compliance overwhelming?

Depending on the size, structure and area of operation, you or your staff may be spending hours each and every day ordering, filing and maintaining your permits, fuel and weight distance tax accounts.

Have you reached out for help in times of need to numerous permitting companies only to receive expensive and impersonal service?

Many of our customers have gone through this exact scenario. While not all areas of regulatory compliance should be outsourced, our compliance experts have carefully considered the items you can successfully outsource and bundled them together!  At TransReport we make it our mission to advise you on how to best manage your fleet’s permitting and tax compliance while always considering your bottom line.

Is your fleet’s ongoing regulatory compliance slowing you down?

Carrier compliance is much more than simply avoiding roadside citations and reassessments on your IFTA returns. We take a bigger view of your overall compliance responsibilities and proactively manage all the necessary items so you limit your exposure to fines and penalties while also optimizing the performance of your fleet. Many of our customers came to us looking for a complete solution, one where they can effectively hand over many of their regulatory compliance responsibilities. This has allowed them to focus on their core business activities of running a profitable trucking company.

Discover Transreport's all-inclusive Carrier Compliance Bundle.

The carrier compliance bundles offered by TransReport Services bring together many of your fleet tax and permits accounts. While each trucking company has unique needs, we have been able to bundle your most time consuming and frustrating compliance responsibilities. An example of one such carrier compliance bundle includes:

  • Monthly/Quarterly vehicle distance, fuel and toll entry and/or reconciliation for IFTA and WDT accounts
  • Completion and appointment attendance (if required) for all IRP licensing matters including fleet renewals
  • File, update and manage credit of your 2290 Heavy vehicle use tax returns and account

We also offer a yearly renewal package which takes into account all of your fleets renewal needs including:

  • IFTA Licence and Decals
  • New Mexico Tax ID registration
  • Oregon Weight Distance tax permits
  • US Customs Transponders