ELD Mandate Upheld - Nov 2016

ELD Mandate Upheld

If you have been waiting for the resolution of the OOIDA lawsuit against the FMCSA to overturn the ELD Mandate, the wait is over.

ELD Mandate upheld by U.S. Court of appeals

A decision was published on October 31, 2016 upholding the recently passed ELD Mandate in the case filed by the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA). As a result the scheduled December 18, 2017 compliance date will remain in effect.

We have had discussions with many Canadian fleets that have been taking a wait and see approach to compliance, citing the OOIDA lawsuit as their main obstacle to ELD adoption. With the confirmed compliance date just over a year away, you should begin to do your due diligence and consider how this will impact your company.

With your fleet’s adoption of a compliant ELD, the role you have in your drivers Hours of Service (HOS) compliance will change. Fleets will now have a real-time view into their drivers HOS compliance, or lack thereof. The days of retroactively addressing HOS violations with your drivers will be over, as electronically transmitted HOS data immediately notifies you when a driver is in violation. Adapting to these new changes will involve the improvement of internal processes and require that you manage HOS more closely in-house.

In addition many drivers have displayed reluctance to adopt ELDs, citing reasons ranging from lost productivity to fears of an increase in harassment. It is the responsibility of each carrier to dispel these myths and have your drivers onboard with the ELD Mandate; there will not be a soft enforcement period once the Mandate date has passed. The recent changes to the FMCSA’s Safety Measurement System now displays your company’s commitment to HOS compliance to the general public. It pays to use the ELD Mandate as an opportunity to show your current and future customers that you take compliance seriously. If you have been considering ways to help ease your company’s transition to ELDs, view our list of the top 5 Tips For A Smooth Transition To Electronic Logs.

TransReport Services assist fleets of all sizes transition to electronic logs by providing a number of fleet compliance management solutions and products. We work closely with our customers to ensure they receive an ELD plan that suits their fleet’s needs, from HOS compliance to driver performance reporting.

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