BlackBerry Radar-M

Blackberry Radar

Omnitracs CEV
Event-driven alerts and alarms
Global network connectivity
Multiple Integrated Sensors
Easy installation and no wiring
5-minute data collection rate
No charging, no wiring, weatherproof and shockproof

Advanced Trailer Monitoring

BlackBerry is delivering a new solution to improve the efficiency in trailer fleet management and cargo logistics. BlackBerry Radar is designed for quick installation with an easy to use user interface and provides near real time tracking of the fleet with valuable sensor data all protected by BlackBerry’s legendary end-to-end security. The solution is an all-encompassing service that includes the device, cellular connectivity and web-based applications for use anywhere and anytime.

The BlackBerry Radar solution collects up to 100x more data than conventional GPS based track and trace solutions.

This rich data feeds in-depth analytics, applications and instant alerts, based on alarms being triggered, that provide fleet managers with the tools necessary to manage trailer operations more effectively.

Manage Your Fleet with Facts

BlackBerry® Radar collects up to 100X more data than basic GPS asset trackers. Data visualization and custom reports make it easy to manage fleets efficiently.

Key Features:

Improved Fleet Utilization

Reduce trailer pool by 7-12%
Identify under-used or idle trailers.
Set and measure operational performance.
Optimize yard operations in real-time an analyze trends.
Interactive utilization reports help guide the business.

Optimize Maintenance

Accurately track miles driven.
Perform maintenance when needed.
Locate trailers for maintenance.
Effectively manage trailer rotation.
Select appropriate trailers for tasks based on maintenance condition.

Improved Driver Productivity

Map-based user interface with alerts/alarms.
Automated yard check to reduce overhead and input errors.
Optimize dispatch and wait times with real-time location and load information.

Responsive and Proactive Operations

Create alarms and alerts based on thresholds and geo-fences.
Detect anomalies and choke point in logistics flow.
Reduce theft and/or insurance costs.
Avoid spoilage and quality degradation of perishable cargo.

Simplified Regulatory and Customer Compliance

Complete records of temperature, pressure, humidity, location, and miles driven.
Provide customers with detailed summaries based on comprehensive real-time trailer information.

Blackberry Radar M

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