Fleet Tax Solutions

IFTA Weight Distance Tax

Trucking companies are exposed to numerous fleet tax challenges if they chose to operate outside of their home jurisdiction. Among the most imposing tax challenge is the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) program that requires fleets to record and report all the distance accrued and fuel purchased in each member jurisdiction. We regularly consult with companies that thought the system they had in place was both sufficient and accurate only to realize they have been drastically under or over reporting their fleets fuel and distance. There is no good scenario here; both of these outcomes have led to inflated operating costs

Technology Has Given Fleets a False Sense of Security

The number of fleets utilizing paper trip reporting has been drastically reduced with the common usage of GPS fleet tracking and we expect this to continue to decline as fleets adopt Electronic Logging Devices. Many ELD providers have add-on IFTA features, with “Print, Sign and Send” functionality. Though this sounds like a dream come true, the responsibility is on each and every company to ensure that what they reported each and every quarter on their IFTA Returns is accurate and can withstand the scrutiny of auditors. Your fleet’s profitability can depend on it.

Our Fleet Tax Solutions Include

IFTA and Weight Distance Tax

Solutions for all of your IFTA and WDT needs including:

  • GPS Data for IFTA Reporting
  • Paper Trip Reporting
  • WDT Reporting
  • Fleet Reports
  • Audit Representation

Heavy Vehicle Use Tax

Solutions for those required to submit form 2290 including:

  • Completion and Filing
  • Employer Identification Numbers
  • Credit Management

Corporate Business Tax

Management solutions for your corporate business tax filings:

  • New Jersey Corporate Tax
  • Apportion Property Tax Filings
  • Process Agents